What is True Love

Not many people are lucky enough to experience true love. For most people it’s not believed to be real, but in reality there is true love just many don’t have it. There are some basic signs however to let you know if you are or have true love in your life. The signs of true love are:

1. Butterflies- You may think this is silly but butterflies are a biochemical signal that occurs from the limbic system when we see someone or think about someone that there is a connection beyond the ordinary with. People who have experienced true love have also said they had butterflies across the board. The closest description of “butterflies” is the feeling one gets as a child when they awake on Christmas morning. Butterflies feel like flutters in your stomach. It’s both an excited and nervous feeling of anticipation when you think or see the one you love.

2. Another indication is you cannot stop looking at them. This one is self explanatory. (However if you are on a date and they have something in their teeth its different.)

3. Other people are optional-meaning you prefer the company of this person over all others. It doesn’t mean you cut people off in your life at all. What it means is that you would just rather be with the one you love and choose to do so. There is nothing wrong with it; and most people who don’t have true love in their lives don’t understand this. Also when you find true love you are not interested in meeting new people you are satisfied with what you have.

These are three obvious signs basically that a person who experiences true love goes through when true love hits them. It is said when you find your true love the world seems like a better place than before they came into your life. It doesn’t mean that you won’t have problems once you find true love; what it means is that your view towards the problems change. True love is a source of empowerment. When you have true love in your life you feel as though you can take on those challenges with more self confidence and courage because you have someone that backs you up unconditionally.

When you have true love there is unconditional love between the two of you. There is mutual sharing and caring which nurtures the feelings of the love you already have. Many of us have love in our life times and pass from one relationship to the next. It is said those are learning gauges for us so we know what to expect when true love really comes. They are a test run for the real thing. This is so you can tell the difference when true love really comes to you.


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