What Factors Determine The Value Of Autographs?

It is no secret that autograph collecting seekers are looking for the real thing if you can get it. In order to do so, we must know the factors that determine the value of what we collect. For those who are doing autograph collecting as an investment, meaning you plan to later sell or leave you collection to children or other family members as part of an inheritance, you want to collect valuable autographs. It is important not only to know what to look for, but also how to maintain the value you have If you can maintain your autograph collecting finds, then you will not have to replace items, losing money in your investment as well as losing time.

It does not matter why you are autograph collecting, you want to be sure you have a collection of some value as it reflects history and your favorite personality.

Usually autograph collecting is started at a very young age when value may not be as important as it is when you grow older. Nevertheless, it pays to take the time to factor into your autograph collecting some things to look for when you are autograph collecting. Unfortunately, most of the time we do not have time or money to meet the famous people from whom we would like to do autograph collecting. Movie Stars, sports figures, musicians, television personalities, and high ranking politicians are not walking past our front or in the supermarket where we shop. One of the most important factors that will determine the value of an autograph is known as “supply and demand”. Some times when you are autograph collecting, you may find a battered document that looks worthless, but if some authentic rare signatures are on it, you just may have found a gold mine. There are an abundance of factors and variables that will dictate to you the value of something. At times we may appreciate having some thing in poor condition than not having it at all.

So look at supply and demand when you are autograph collecting as one of the determining factors for the value of your find. Another factor to consider is the autograph itself. The autograph needs to be readable without having to use your imagination. After all in autograph collecting nothing is more important than the autograph. If you cannot make out the autograph, you don’t have one. Water/coffee damage and other stains take away some of the value of your autograph collecting finds. People who are seeking autographs are looking for the best. If you autograph collecting finds are in poor condition, and there is not a crux for finding the autograph, you lose a chance to get top dollar. Autographs you may find in pencil are of little value. In earlier years autograph collecting was done with the use of ink pens (dipped in ink), now a day ball point pens are the signing choice.

Ink has always been the preferred way to do autograph collecting because it is not as erasable as those signatures done in pencil. Also pencil writing has a tendency to fade and you can not keep it for long periods of time.


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    This is a PLR article. We recommend to re write the article before re use it.

     We use : Spin Rewriter

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