What Are Some Advantages to Being a Single Parent?

All too often you hear about the disadvantages of being a single parent. Let’s face it, raising a child alone is not something that was intended to happen. It is also important to point out that single parent life is not necessarily the greatest at all times. All responsibility falls on you and at times this can be quite a challenge. However this post will provide a bit of inspiration to all the single parents out there that wonder what the real advantages are. After all, being a single parent is not the end of the world; at least your child has someone to look up to? Right?
No Fighting
One of the biggest things about being a single parent is that there is no one to fight with over anything. Since there is only one parent there to take on the responsibilities, there is no arguing over who is going to pick the children up from soccer practice, who’s going to check homework, and who’s going to make sure that dinner gets prepared. Even though this might seem like a disadvantage, arguing is very draining, and sometimes it’s just easier when you know exactly what you have to do.
Raising to Your Liking
A lot of times couples get into disagreements about how to raise their child. Wondering things like where to enroll them in school, what religious beliefs to teach, what values they want to instill in them, and even things like household rules. When you’re a single parent you get to make the decision for yourself. Thus allowing you to raise your child based on your own values in life.
No Good Cop Bad Cop
Don’t you just hate when you set a rule and try to abide by it and another party steps in to give their opinion on why your rules are right or wrong? Well when you’re an only parent, what you say goes and there is no one to make you feel bad about it. Your child now cannot play one parent against the other nor make you feel bad for trying to raise them the best way you know how.
Teaches Responsibility Early On
It is a known fact that single parents often teach their children responsibility at an earlier age than those couples that have children. Often children are given rules and chores that must be completed each day. When a child is given chores they learn the importance of responsibility and independence much earlier on. This teaches them not to be as dependent upon others and to do things for themselves.
Single parenthood is a very trying time for anyone. However, as you can see there are some great benefits that come from raising a child on your own. If you’re ever having trouble with such a huge responsibility try reaching out to those around you like your family and friends for advice, guidance, or just a sitter to allow you some time off.


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