Healthy Self and healthy Relationships

Voices in Self and Healthy Relationships

Listen to your inner voice so that you can build a healthy self for you and in personal relationships with others. Most of us forget who we really are one time or another. There will always be a time in the lives of us human beings when we seem to have lost all purpose and sense of self – it is a general truth and few people could discount it as such. Many people feel like they are going in full circles all the time and such a situation can dishearten a person. Sometimes we live our life uncoordinated with what we intend to do in life or accomplish. There are instances when some people discover this too late into their lives that they encounter a hard time rectifying their mistakes. Do not be one of those people. Take control of your life and take steps to listen to your inner voice.

There are many times when that small voice inside our brains is telling us the right way to follow. Most often than not, we turn a deaf ear to this tiny voice because of many reasons such as fear of change, fear of failure and fear of uncertainty among others. Whenever you feel that voice in the back of your mind urging you to take a different path than what you are currently trekking, give that tiny voice a chance before you squash it flat completely. This article will discuss some ways for you to be able to open up an opportunity for your smaller alter ego to speak.

Many pragmatic entities will stress that you listen to your head. At most times, this is true. Listening to our heads always enables us to make rational and fact-based decisions. However, there are times in people’s life when they have to do the irrational for their lives to have meaning. At times like these – listen to your heart. It might sound cheesy, but it is true. There are times when doing the most rational of things gives us a hollow feeling in the pit of our stomachs, possibly because of the instances where you have to take the offensive and let tomorrow worry for itself.

Next thing you should do is to understand how your body reacts to certain situations. When you are afraid, which part of you ails? When you are happy, do you have a certain feeling? The heart’s inclinations will feed the head foodstuff, causing confusion, which we may not understand where our fear is arriving from, thus we must try to read the heart at this time and read our body signals. Even if you are taking the most rational, intellectually assessed path, your body gives signals of discomfort and hesitation. Do not disregard these bodily signals. Of course, the signals comprise our gut feelings. Since our senses are prone to human natural, many times our intuitions are right. It takes time to be in proper alignment with your intuition, but when it happens, you can never go wrong. Practice your intuition and trust it because in time, it will prove to be a valuable shield and weapon in life.
Avoid self-sabotage. Self-sabotage is when you unknowingly hold yourself back because of lack of self-esteem or the likes. Avoid self-derogatory thoughts or if you are in the public service business, even the self-effacing ones. Remember, there is truth the cliché that there is no greater love than your love of self. When these negative voices get into your mind, siphon them off using meditation or any other method you use.


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