The Problem of Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot is one of the most common foot problems that Americans deal with every day. Whether you are the college athlete of the year or the village gardener, athlete’s foot can affect anyone.

Athlete’s foot is an infection on the skin of the feet that is caused by fungus. The culprit is the fungus called tinea pedis, which is quite common in the surrounding areas. This fungus practically lives and grows everywhere just as long as the area is warm and moist.
They can be found lounging around in areas where there is moisture such as in locker rooms in college gyms, the swimming pool area, the bathroom, and even the classiest spa houses in the country.

This love for moisture is the reason why the fungus just loves the environment inside your footwear especially rubber shoes that are not often aired out and dried properly. And remember this, once the fungus inhabit your shoes, it will be really hard to make it go away. But how does this fungus get into your shoes?

Simple. When you use public facilities where there is moisture, these fungus adhere to the outer layers of the skin. When not washed out and dried, this fungus can live inside your shoes or await another foot, which it can adhere to the next.


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Symptoms of athlete’s foot

How do you know when you have athlete’s foot? Often, people suffering from this foot problem will start to experience itching in between the toes. There will also be scaling and unusual redness in the skin.

Soon after, the affected area will crack and will blister. It is important that you do not scratch the affected area as touching it will cause the skin to open up and allowing the fungus to enter deep into the skin, thereby exacerbating the condition. It is also so much easier for the problem to spread to other areas of the foot when you are scratching and touching the affected area.

When not treated early, fungal infections like these can become really severe with the toenails becoming yellowed and thick.

Treating athlete’s foot

Although there are topical medicines available that can help your solve this problem, prevention is always the best treatment. Always wear cotton socks when using your rubber shoes. These absorb the moisture so that it will not adhere to the shoes. Of course, change those socks often as the sweat inside can also be a good environment for the fungus.


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