The Characteristics of Being “In Love”

When someone falls “in love” it’s a process that’s based on various stages. Psychologists and scientists attribute the ability of falling in love to our “limbic systems” and “limbic resonance”. It is the limbic system that enables two people to have what is referred to as mutual chemistry when they are “in love”. Limbic resonance enables one person to tune into another’s state of emotions and feel what they are feeling. When two people are in love; their Limbic resonance is in sync. This is where the idea of two hearts beating as one come into fruition. What connects two people on the biochemical and psychological level in love is the chemistry first and then the synchronicity. The limbic system is what enables us to feel connected to one another. It can also make two people feel disconnected when there is no synchronicity.

There are 3 distinctive characteristics that signal that someone is “in love”. They are:

1. When someone is in love the have a feeling that the person fits them in a way that no one else can ever fit. There is no substitutes for this person.

2. When one person is in love with another there is a need for skin to skin intimacy with that person. There is also the strong will to not to want anyone else in that regard.

3. There is an exclusiveness where you regard the person before others; they come first

When we first fall in love there is a euphoria that takes over us. Once the relationship begins to really develop the feelings of true love start to emerge between the two people. The feelings associated with “true love” are:

1. There is a sustained and prolonged intimacy between two people that is mutual

2. The two are sharing a life together

3. The two have a mutual limbic resonance. The synchronicity enables them to also have mutual limbic regulation. This means their chemical interaction is mutual as well. Both feel the same things towards one another and as a result the biochemicals that occur when love is mutual is shared between the two people.

When two people are in a mutually felt loving relationship the two experience a certain level of emotional attachment unlike any other relationship. It creates an emotional bond and stimulates affection. Because of the bond and emotional attachment that love creates both people nurture the relationship in order to keep the love intact. If there is a chemistry naturally between the two people then they click and want to have a lasting relationship in general. Love is at the center of all of our interpersonal relationships. This is whether it’s a love between friends, parents and children or two people. But being in love is almost exclusively a thing that is based on how two people click with their chemistry being in sync.


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