Termite Inspector

A termite inspector is someone who is professionally trained to go into a structure and look for evidence of termite infestation and damage. Becoming a termite inspector consists of a certain amount of in-class training as well as on-the-job experience. Often, the amount of time it takes to get certification is somewhere in the area of a few weeks. If you are interested in becoming a termite inspector, you should look for a training program that is certified with the American Association of Pest Control Services and pick a program that is within your budget.

There are many advantages to becoming a termite inspector not the least of which is the income potential. There are homes and buildings everywhere. At some point, they will all need to have a termite inspection. You can usually set your own hours and – depending on where you live – expect income in the area of $800 to $1,400 per week depending on how often you work.

Many termite inspectors are also home inspectors which is a great advantage in the real estate business. All homes that are being sold through a realtor will probably have a home inspection as well as a termite inspection. If you take the extra time to become a home inspector as well, your chances of being used by a realtor are doubled and the more money you will make!

Once you’ve gotten the appropriate training, you will want to become certified and join various associations to add to your credibility as a termite inspector. That way people who are thinking of hiring you will have confidence in your abilities and they will trust that you are a professional who will do a good job for them.


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From the home owner’s point of view, when you want to find a termite inspector, start with the Yellow Pages. Call several companies and obtain price quotes as well as what the price includes. Compare the rates you have been given and choose a company based on the best price with the most reliable credentials.

Once your termite inspector is done with the actual inspection, he or she will present you with a complete report that will indicate any problem areas or possible infestations. Don’t be afraid to go over anything you don’t understand with your termite inspector. It is important to know what it is on the report and where you have to concentrate on to make sure that termites don’t take over your home!


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