Teams in Self and Healthy Relationships

Sometimes when our mate, friends or family says they are done, it is a sign that they are struggling to figure out the problem. They often realize that the problem is neither solved nor completed, so they will drift off until they find answers. It leads us to see we have to develop a healthy self and relationships in order to keep the relationships strong.

Still, once we have established the goal of creating a stronger foundation to stand on, it doesn’t mean we will not have other problems. We all have our responsibilities in life, which often leads to many struggles. In our everyday life we are expected to handle our own responsibilities, however our relationships sometimes asks that we also help them with their duties. We need to stay strong and healthy to enjoy a life long relationship with others.

The best thing we can all do is work toward developing effective leader skills that enforce that we can work with any one. We also need organization skills, which will improve our relationships. This means we must ask questions of our self. Failing to ask self-questions, ultimately means that we are limited our abilities.

We must also build self-managing skills so that we can effectively work with our mate, friends, co-workers and family. We must keep in sight that people, including ourselves change each day. This process breaks our familiar structure, which can lead to major problems. Keeping change in sight will help you manage your self and relationships effectively.


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We must learn how to respond to change in a positive way. This means we must learn to renew the self by taking risks that could produce a positive outcome. To improve these skills we must rely on our reflections, observation, and our ability to assess the inner self and others. Meditation is one of the best tools we have to improve these skills. Meditation will help us to battle conflicts that get in the way of our health. Questioning how you handle problems with the inner self can help you advance your skills. It is our duty to question the self, asking what we can do to become more successful in our relationships and in our life.

We also must learn the value of taking breaks to enjoy the self. The time alone will help you reflect on your problems so that you can readily find answers to solve them. Use your self-time to contemplate on what you need to do to improve your relationships with self and with others. We must ask the self, collectively what steps we can take to improve our life and communication skills. By doing so an entity can build his or her organization skills, and learn to keep his or her relationships healthy; Question the self each day so that you can reflect on ways to improve your life.

We can consider four leading elements to improve our life. First, we must consider the process of achieving our goals. Secondly, we must understand the process of the ways other people achieve their goals. We can use their process patterns and activities to see their strengths and weaknesses. This will assist us by allowing us to help relationships we have established cultivate themselves also. Next, we can discuss ways to renew our self. We can ask how we can continue to improve and learn.

In relationships, we must learn the importance of the follower and the leader. If you have two leaders in a relationship, likely it will fail. Regardless, we need to learn balance to help us become effective leaders and followers in order to develop the healthy self and relationships we set out to achieve.


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