Take Charge of Your Joint Venture Marketing Relationship

Joint venture marketing can be tricky. By combining forces with another business, you
are entering into difficult territory. Why? Because as a business owner yourself, you are
in control. You are the leader, the decision maker and the final say.

But when you form a
joint venture relationship with another business owner, you are no longer the end-all-be-
all when it comes to the decision making process. You are connected to a more than
likely, equally as opinionated, business-minded individual who will want and need to
share these responsibilities with you. This can be a difficult task for many goal-oriented,
driven business leaders, but only the strongest leaders are equally as strong team players.

You probably started your own business out of a desire to work for yourself rather than
take orders from someone else.

Dealing with more than one Type A personality in any
relationship can be challenging, but in joint venture marketing, it’s a must. So, how can
you “take charge” if you are supposed to work as a team? It’s simple. Lead by example.


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Make suggestions and bring your thoughts, ideas, goals and strategy to the table. Be open
to criticism and willing to compromise. It is important to keep in mind that the main goal
is for both you and your joint venture marketing partner to succeed, so as long as you can
work together, you are already half-way there. And finally, keep the momentum going by
keeping the lines of communication open. Offer ideas and suggestions to improve your
strategy and be a constant cheerleader for success.

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