Halloween Articles

Halloween Safety Tips and Suggestions

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Word Count: 489 Summary: Halloween can be a fun and wonderful holiday, full of creative Halloween costumes, exciting hours of trick-or-treating, and plenty of festive Halloween costume parties. Keywords: Hallowen Safety, Halloween Costumes Article Body: Most of my advice about Halloween safety for kids revolves around trick-or-treating. First things first, know what your children are […]

After School Activities

Recreational after school programs

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After school programs can be divided into 3 broad categories: academic, recreational and social. Balanced development takes place when there is compatibility between the physical, mental as well as the educational achievements of the child.As the name suggests recreational after school programs are based on a sport or recreation. Some of the more common physical […]

Stress Management

Go Where Your Energy is Strong

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Word Count: 782 Summary: I had undertaken a project that I was beginning to feel was beyond my personal resources to accomplish. I had asked a friend and colleague if I might organize a workshop in the New England area that he would teach. After many months of collecting information, I was at the point […]