Stress in Personal Self and Relationships

Everyone wants personal power. One needs to learn to release their feelings of stress; anxiety; pain; guilt; sadness and trauma. All of these are feelings of one’s emotions. It is part of human nature to experience these emotions. Often, you may see where one or more of these emotions together can cause serious problem for individuals. This is when one tends to block or isolate oneself from living a full happy life. One may often find oneself repeating these human patterns in other relationships such as; one’s career choice or just feeling stuck in a situation that appears one has no control over.

Emotional freedom can release all the pressures that one may encounter. Individual’s can regain their sense of choice over negative emotions and revise the one’s that empower them so one can truly feel free. One that seeks emotional freedom often lives a more joyful and happy life.

Can you recall an experience that left you feeling you had no control over the situation? Do you know now how you felt at that moment when you think back? What are your feelings toward the people involved? Name the emotional feeling that you have at this present time. If you can’t give a name to your feeling, you can call it an emotion. How bad was the emotion? Can you rate this emotion on an emotional scale of zero to ten?

Physical pain can cause discomfort that can also be treated by emotional freedom techniques. All one has to do is replace the word, “emotion” with a descriptive gesture such as “headache”. One can often rebalance one’s energy flow.


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Often one may use a tapping beat to exercise their emotions for release. Use the example of low back pain. In order to release just simply repeat “Even though one may have stress, one deeply accepts oneself. Repeat this gesture around three times while tapping continuously. `Now take a deep breath. Try focusing on the emotion that was bothering you. Can you rate the intensity of your feeling on the emotional scale now between 0 and 10? If you happen to be experiencing a stressful feeling of a five or six on the emotion scale, can you determine if it stills remains at that level?

A strong emotion will often leave an impression on one’s spirit and cause one to react on it. Anger tends to have the strongest impact on one’s emotion, leaving a lasting impression on oneself. When one is angry, this becomes the quickest way to get one’s attention. Many women are prone to using this gesture to get their husbands attention. It truly works.

Many men don’t know how to manage their own feelings when it comes to women. This is especially true in hostile feelings. Most men turn to fighting women because they are certainly afraid of the higher power and physical strength of a man. The majority of the time women have the upper hand, when it comes to verbal fighting. It is also true that men feel horrible if they should make a woman cry or become upset. Women, often have looked up to men as one’s protector. Often when a man sees the stressful emotion he has placed on the woman, he begins to focus on what a brute he has become.

Men have always been afraid of getting women upset, afraid that the woman would leave them. This has been said to reflect the boy’s fear of his mother. When one’s mother sees her son growing up and moving away from her, one seems to think one may become threaten to withdraw one’s affection from him by pouting or by manipulating against one in order to hold on to him. This is where a choice has to be made; chose manhood or woman’s love. Often if man has no father to stand with him, he only resigns his position to the woman.

Women are often reward for their outburst. One may not know it at the time, but women dominate when angry.


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