Spirit Guides

Spirit guides are described by those who believe as benevolent spirits whose purpose it is to guide humans through difficult times. Spirit guides have been described in American Indian culture, Chinese culture, Egyptian culture, and others. In all of the various descriptions, spirit guides are described as “good” rather than “evil.”

Some say that spirit guides are the souls of those who have advanced to the point that they must no longer reincarnate and live as a human on earth. They say that spirit guides can be in the form of departed loved ones, ancient ancestors, animals, or even beings from other galaxies in the universe.

A great many well-known psychics have described their spirit guides in terms of ethnicity; Helena Blavatsky called her spirit guides “Mahatmas” (they were from India and Tibet). According to Blavatsky, her spirit guides dressed and behaved according to the customs of their cultures. Alice Bailey has written extensively about her spirit teacher, whom she called “The Tibetan.”

According to modern psychics, spirit guides are from a higher plane or frequency and are here only to help us and to watch, teach, heal, and give us
spiritual guidance. It’s said that all of us have spirit guides — and that’s plural. We all have more than one. Psychics say that we can be taught how to contact our spirit guides, and instructions for how to contact your spirit guide are even available on the Internet. Since the spirit guides are all benevolent and actually want you to know that they are there, there is no danger, they say, in contacting your spirit guide without the help of a psychic.

The skeptics contend that the “spirit guide” is only our own subconscious with which we can make contact under the right circumstances.


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