Skills in Relationships and the Healthy Self

Many women tend to have possessive skills, or natural talents that seemingly make it harder for one to submit to another entity. We see this often in the trait of women leaders that struggle to submit to the male counterpart. At this point, it makes little difference whether you are a pastor, elder, husband, son. Women are simply used to calling the shots. Many questions have occurred over situations like this: Why should one have to listen to him? Does he understand who brings in the bacon? Interpersonal and personal development can assist one with understanding the self-better.

Once you develop a better understanding of you, you will find it easier to understand others. By noticing someone’s appearance, attitude, behaviors, habits and other aspects of that person you can also reach a better understand to decide what you must do to make your relationship more effective.

You have many approaches you can take to improve yourself and work to cultivate healthy relationships, yet it takes much effort on your part to get it done. Take some time to roam the Super Information Highway, online where you will find some help guides that can direct you further with working on the healthy self and relationships. Many writers and authors online are promoting encouraging articles that are intended to direct people to the new age arena.

In the new age arena, you have ballpark of ideas that include subliminal learning. This is one of my favorites, since I am living proof that the technique is fruitful in assisting people with finding answers to their problems. It only takes a few minutes each day to practice the technique. You simply enter into the subliminal mind unaware and probe into the mind to find hidden messages. Once you find some of the messages start to evaluate them closely to see what you come up with. You likely will find some answers; however, it may take a few practices before you find the ultimate answer that directs you toward the healthy self.

We all have inner strengths. We have the ability to use our self-talk mechanisms to guide us through the process of subliminal learning. Use this technique combined with subliminal exploring so that you can find answers sooner. If you dare to try, you can also role-play while combing your self-talk skills to move through subliminal channels effectively.

Role-play is the process of putting yourself in an outer body and mind experience. You sit up a chat room so to speak. In this chat room, you create an imaginary friend, which plays the part as you. The friend starts to tell you of his story and concerns, which you step back observing and listening to what your friend is telling you. You can find quick answers by practicing this procedure often.

Aside from subliminal learning, role-play, self-talk and so on, you can also use meditation to drive into the subliminal mind. The subliminal mind by the way is your subconscious mind, which is just above the unconscious mind. The subliminal mind is also at the surface of the conscious mind.

You will find many answers in this area of the brain, but once more, it takes great effort on your part to find answers that lead you to the healthy self and healthy relationships that you seek to find.

In the new age arena online you will find a broad range of other solutions that can help you cultivate the healthy self and work toward better relationships. The first step however is to establish a relationship with you. Once you accomplish the first task, you will find it easier to develop relationships with others.


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