Self Control in Healthy Relationships

The process of cultivating self-control refers to one’s capacity to motivate the mind in order to complete his or her tasks. It also refers to impede oneself from indulging in to wrong doings. We need self-control in order to develop the healthy self and relationships. Since our ability, makes up the process productively change behavior patterns and thinking that is wrong.

In order to develop the healthy self, one must achieve cultivating self-control to have sharper insight and a stronger will to set boundaries and limitations for self. Self-control will protect one from complicated situations that could lead to harm. We need to maintain self-control once we have established a great measure. Self-control is an inspiring tool that plays an essential role in assisting a body to work out control over his or her humiliation. The aptitude to control the self enables one to exercise control as associated to others. The ability to take control over the self can be delayed because of some objectionable experiences in the past.

We need to cultivate positive affirmative patterns to assist us with improving the self while building stronger relationships with others. By encoding messages from the unconscious and subliminal mind while using constructive energy, one can develop a positive mind while working through his or her problems effectively.

One’s reactions derive from the thoughts. When an entity is highly reaping of positive energy then it becomes possible for him to act confident in any situation he or she may face. If a person is keen on doing a meticulous assignment then the affirmative vibrations within one’s self play a noteworthy role in helping one overcome all his or her impediments.

The positive affirmations assist by helping one exercise control while enabling that entity to escape from mental ailments such as pain attacks, nervousness and phobias. We can cultivate another healthy quality within the self, such as self-respect. It serves to channelize the energy cells by giving one the aptitude to improve his performance in various areas such as writing and typing, among the some other fields. One is enabled to develop the healthy self while enjoying everlasting relationships. One can improve their memory and modify dysfunctional attitudes towards others.

Self-development is the process that works us toward developing healthy qualities that ensure our relationships and self remain healthy. Walter Mischel explained the process of self-growth by giving us an example. He used “The Marshmallow Test,” which served to control the modify responses. During the test, Mischel requested of a four-year-old child to hold back from eating the marshmallow up to 15 minutes. If the child were able to restrain himself then he would be rewarded with another marshmallow. The child was able to resist the temptation of eating that marshmallow for fifteen minutes. Consequently, self-control in terms is our ability to control impulses. The goal of the process is to award a person with such a strong will so that in future he is not at all bothered by the unconstructive and negative patterns that will delay the process of building of his or her character. The obligation to implement this process with in an entity arises to make him free from ego related tribulations.

The process of development of the self also begins through the self-control process. This process purges negative thoughts in a person such as sloth, gluttony, envy, hatred and lust. It endows a person with the feeling of goodwill, unity, generosity. This will enable to develop a rigid moral character that will aid in developing an optimistic influence. Therefore, a person should try to minimize his weaknesses and maximize his positive facets in order to develop the self. For this, it is essential to recognize the flaws and strive in converting negative aspects into positive attributes. Motivating yourself by strengthening your will power will be a source of great help to you.


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