Reviews of Baby Monitors

One of the baby monitors available on the Toys R Us website is the Babies R Us Baby Sight Color Video Monitor, which is around 200 dollars. The product has many features such as a digital zooming system, an adjustable camera and microphone, and nighttime LED. While the product seems to have many features, it receives very mixed reviews. One costumer writes, “I was so impressed with how clear the video was during the day and at night. The sound was not delayed at all and it was very clear as well.” Another parent reflects, “I bought this monitor and it told me I had to charge it for 12-16 hours. I did just that and the battery still died within the middle of the first night using it.” A mother of twins complains, “It started a continuous loud beep until it died. It will not turn on or recharge”
Another product at Toys R Us is the Summer Infant Privacy Plus Series (With Digital Color Video Monitor Set). It has a seven inch color LCD screen that can be swiveled. Digital zoom in features. It has received mixed reviews as well. “We all live in different parts of the country so it’s amazing to be able to have that connection. Only problem we experienced was once it got un-synced when someone messed with the controls. It was fixed by just pressing the button on the back. “ Another reviewer rated the baby monitor system low and writing, “I ended up purchasing 2 other wifi monitors on [@], and kept the BabyPing which we’ve been very happy with so far. I will say that the clarity of the picture is not as good as Summer Infants – but Summer only works in shorter distances”

Finally, there is another popular product in Toys R Us called MobiCam Digital DXR Audio/Video Color Monitoring System. The system has earned four and a half stars out of five and has received mostly positive feedback. It has a high resolution LCD screen and four cameras. It also has a two-way communication. One mother from Illinois writes, “We have had nothing but positive experiences with this monitor. We bought an extra camera, and set it up in the room where the little boy I babysit sleeps, as well. It is so convenient to be able to switch screens between my ten month old and the six month old I care for” Jessica from New Jersey reflects, “This was super easy to set up, has incredibly clear picture and audio. It’s cool that you can do split screen viewing up to 4 cameras”

There are plenty of baby monitors out there available at Best Buy, Target, and Amazon, too!


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