Qualities in Self and Healthy Relationships

Over the years, most people had been lead to believe that attractiveness means to have the perfect body and face. Many people have been lead to believe that if a person is attractive, surely they will balance with the person attracted to that one. Over the centuries, heavy people have been observed as unattractive, simply because of traditional, made-made beliefs that lead those people to believe the first concept of attractiveness.

In actuality, attractiveness is noted in a person’s qualities and not in their physical appearance. If a person has a genius mind, it makes him or her attractive in spite of how that entity looks outwardly. Likewise, if a person has the ability to dance artistically, yet has no favorable traits of outward attraction, thus this person still is a beautiful soul that has something to offer us all.

When you are working toward creating a healthy relationship, you must develop and maintain an open mind. An open mind will give you the ability to view all angles of a person, object, and place and so on before you start to judge that particular subject of interest. Do not use your open mind however to make excuses like many of the people in the world do. Some people think an open mind allots them to engage in illicit behaviors. This is not so. Like everything else in the world, an open mind individual must develop balance.

When you have a balanced mind, you will start to see things more clearly, which will assist you with creating healthy relationships. Instead of following synthetic traditions and beliefs, you will open your mind to new discoveries.


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Once you prepare the mind for healthy relationships, you can continue your progress by creating the healthy self. In order to accomplish this task however, you must have willingness to put forth effort to achieve your goals. You will have many goals in this instance, because the process of creating the healthy self involves mental, emotional and physical challenges, as well as techniques that you must use to discover who you are.

In other words, throughout the process you will discover your identity, which will empower you, making you strong so that you can improve your overall life. You have much strength within you that you can use to find answers to your many problems. By looking inwardly, you can find these strengths, build on the strengths and work toward discovering your weaknesses. Once you discover your weaknesses, you can work to improve these qualities about you, so that you become a stronger soul in the world.

What all this means to you, is that you must have a willingness to take a subliminal tour into the mind to discover hidden messages that house little secrets that will reveal answers to your many questions. You have this ability by probing into the subliminal mind through meditation, or simply focusing on something that you want to discover.

It is always wise to conduct this technique in a quiet area. Tell everyone that you know that you intend to heal the inner self and it takes effort on your part. Lock your doors and shut off the phone lines so that no one will interrupt you. Trust that your efforts will pay off in the end, when you find the healthy inner self. At this point, you are geared up for working on your healthy relationships by making them stronger. You make them stronger by becoming a positive influence in their life and someone that everyone wants to associate with as a person.


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