Healthy Self and healthy Relationships

Memories of Self in Healthy Relationships

Memories that releases the real you for Personal Development

We all have reached that point in our life where we had realized that we did not know our self at all. It usually comes as a surprise to many people when they discover that they do not know who they are. Their decisions are sometimes intuitively made and that entity may consider his or her actions and moves to figure out who the self is to him or her. The insight develops into a good feeling that often directs one to make sense of what he or she has learned about self.

It becomes the best time to begin analyzing the self, which one should do in the early morning once the mind is fresh and at ease. The time you spend with you, becomes a quality time and a pattern that assists you with discovering the healthy self.

People that wish to assume the process of learning about the self must be aware of the emotional disturbance they will go through. Some truths will be exposed. You may find yourself in a cycle of bad memories that make you feel upset. One must consider analyzing his childhood memories however in order to overcome the hurdles. It is a crucial time that we form narrow-mindedness opinions and other negative thoughts that develop into prejudices. At the outset, we start by identifying what we visualize as right and wrong behavior in ourselves. Recognition or accepting this learning as part of you opens the door to self-improvement. It makes one aware of the flaws and strengths of his or her character. If you continue probing into your memory bank, you will ultimately find the reasons that you cultivated your behaviors.

Childhood is the more impressionable age when we are exposed to new things and our initial impression of these things often stays with us until adulthood. During this impressionable age, we form opinions and prejudices about certain things. These opinions and prejudices are brought along with you until adulthood. Some things might happen along the way to change these opinions or prejudices but initial first impressions are often retained.

As a rule, one’s memories from his or her childhood can help one identify the starting place of the behavior development. You may also be able to identify the aspects of the person that is you. A person is made up of millions of different cells, physically. Mentally, we are made up of different aspects and memories that mold us as a person.

We are usually influenced by what we see, hear and feel during the more impressionable stage of our lives and even up to the days when we are already molded into what we are. The new influence is just added into the never-ending process of developing ourselves. This also affects the way we think and the way we form opinions. Even our personality is based on what has occurred during childhood. Visit the internet to learn the benefits of practicing subliminal learning.

On the other hand and since we are persistently changing the self to fit our environment, we add more aspects to our personality. One may stick with some of his or her older personality or behaviors, yet some additions can help cultivate new behaviors or variants of older habits. As adults, we may now have a stronger opinion that may override the initial opinions formed during childhood. We have inner strengths that we can extract from childhood memories that guide us to the healthy self, which then one can cultivate healthy relationships with others.


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