Meeting Other Single Parents

If you find yourself single all of a sudden after a marriage, you may first feel confused upon your re-entry into the dating scene. This is admittedly uncomfortable, yes, but the good thing is you are not alone. There are a lot of other single parents out there waiting to meet you and, probably, share another chance at a happy family life with you.

Dating skills, like most things in this world, tend to dry up when not in use. But with a little warming up, you will soon return to you best performance and be enjoying the benefits of single life, particularly if the people you’re intending to meet share your interests, and, well, family backgrounds. That is, people with kids, like yourself.

Internet sites like and provide venues for single parents to meet other single parents. They provide articles relevant to single parents’ situations and fora for single parents to discuss challenges that face them and their children.

So if you’ve recently become a single parent and find yourself a little helpless and gasping for breath, these sites will give your the support you need. And what better way to gain information and help than getting them from people who are experiencing the same trials and triumphs as you do!


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Of course, you can never discount the fact, that you might, just MIGHT, be able to find romance in another single parent you meet at such Web sites. But since this is your second, or maybe third, or fourth, chance at a meaningful relationship, as with any relationship, you still have to be discerning and careful.

After all, your dating activities will not just affect you but your children, as well. The effect even magnifies this time, as both you of already have kids.

When meeting a fellow single parent, be sensitive to his or her concerns and issues. Don’t think that all the ills that happened to you are exclusive to you alone. There is a 100% chance that the other person has experienced the same, or worse fate. Remember, both of you are single parents. There wouldn’t be any huge difference if you really think about it.

The good thing about meeting fellow single parents is that there is no need for a good pickup line or an ice breaker. The mere fact that both of you have kids is a good starting point for a meaningful conversation. This actually helps lessen the pressure of having to impress the other person, because, well, you’re going through the same things, really, and don’t need to kid each other and pretend to care.

There are a lot of other single parents social sites on the Internet. A simple Google or Yahoo! search will produce a flood of listings. If you’re not too keen on meeting people from the Internet, then getting back to the regular dating scene shouldn’t be a problem for you. Consider it a smorgasbord of different people.

The world is your apple. Whether or not you meet fellow single parents to share common interests or to seek romantic prospects, you should never forget that your responsibility, first and foremost, is to your children. There is a reason why ‘parent’ is attached to your name. Be one first.


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