Love the Skin You’re In!

Your skin is the body’s largest organ. It weighs between two and four kilos (or 4 and 8 pounds), covers between one and two square metres (9 to 36 square feet) and completely renews itself every seven to ten weeks, with approximately five million dead skin cells rubbing off on a daily basis.

Your skin reflects your state of health and your biological age, being soft and smooth when well-cared for, or dry and flaky when taken for granted. To be the proud owner of beautiful, soft, young-looking skin, you need to take care of it. When taking care of your skin, it’s vital that you take care of the part of you that everybody sees – your face and neck.

The absolute golden rule, before you start using products on the delicate skin of your face, is to determine your skin type…

Normal and combination skin

· Slight oily sheen in the T-zone area
· Drier cheek area
· Occasional pimples and spots

Dry and sensitive skin

· Fine, dry lines around the eyes and mouth, dehydration lines on fact
· Cheek area is dull, dry and taut
· Skin that’s very sensitive to sun, wind and pollution

Oily skin · Oil sheen in T-zone area and on cheeks · Enlarged pores and blackheads evident · Frequent pimples and spots

So, how can you help keep your skin looking and feeling young?

Make sure you do the following:

1. Have a daily intake of two litres of water, including 2-3 glasses with high quality aloe extract

2. Enjoy a diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables

3. Try to have sound, restful sleep

4. Practice a daily skin care regime using high quality products that suit your skin type

5. Take a high quality supplementation programme, including a vitamin & mineral supplement

6. Take a brisk walk in the fresh air every day

7. Keep stress levels to a minimum and have a happy attitude to life in general

The following daily practices will have a detrimental long term effect on the skin:

1. Inadequate daily water intake

2. Poor nutrition, junk food

3. Lack of sleep

4. Stress

5. Prescribed drugs

6. Excess coffee and tea

7. Alcohol consumption

8. Smoking

9. Excess exposure to sunlight, or cold, wet, windy weather

10.Central heating and air conditioning

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