Love and the Limbic System

When two people fall “in love” it is the limbic system and the brain that is responsible for that magical feeling when we connect with that special someone. When people fall in love there is chemical occurrences in the brain. Based on the stimuli that love brings different bio chemical activity occurs with this phenomenon. When two people feel the same way about each other the chemical reactions based on their feelings to one another occur in unison. This is because when there is chemistry between two people (which is what this is called) the two nervous systems become in sync.

It is the human limbic system that’s responsible for love at first sight. This occurrence is a chemical response to someone we are crazy about when we first lay eyes on them. When two people click when they look at each other for the first time their limbic systems kicks in immediately. In turn there is a chemical response in their brains; making them feel nervous and excited by being attracted to that person. The limbic system is responsible for that feeling we call butterflies in our stomachs. Through the limbic system which is part of the automatic nervous response system; our attraction towards someone we connect with; grows in to being “in love” with them. This can happen almost on the spot if the chemistry is right. However love at first sight is not the norm.

The limbic system signals to us that we may not feel attraction at first sight to someone. It lets us know that the attraction is not mutual or that you don’t feel that spark for the other person like they do for you. It is the mutual chemical reaction between two people that draws them towards each other. At times when only one person is attracted 9 and 1 half times out of 10 that relationship won’t get started right or last due to the fact that the chemistry is not mutual.

It is the limbic system that is at the heart of all emotions we as human beings feel. The limbic system is where we process all our emotions and that’s what make people human so to speak. It is also that part of our automatic nervous response system that enables us to connect with another through love. When two people are in sync through their limbic system this is what is referred to as having “chemistry”. When two people have chemistry they click on all levels. This allows for connections so strong that one person finishes the other persons sentence. This is because they are so in tune together or in a state of synchronicity. It is almost impossible for two people to have any type of relationship on an intimate level if their limbic systems are not in sync. It is this system that fosters our attachment in love relationships. When there is no synchronicity there is no true love.


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