Interpersonal Self and Healthy Relationships

We must face that change causes threats to the average human being that has a greater level of underdevelopment. Many people will panic at the thought of change. It creates a control problem since it seems to fit in the survival arena of life.

Regrettably, each entity in the world will have to confront various conditions which in many instances we have no control. We must consider life as the luck of the draw and become aware that accidents; death; broken relationships; physical illness; war; even higher gas prices affect our lives. We must also consider that because of the lack of morals, standards and values in our system that partners are constantly changing partners despite it has clearly lead to major problems in our system. The problems seem to take many people by surprise. It is just an aide memoir, of how little human are in control.

The people that feel as if they have little control over what happens to them or their lives develop an incredibly negative attitude toward life. This has been known to shorten one’s lifespan, since it has suppressed the immune system.

In our world, many women assume that once they develop full control of their lives they will be better off and that no one can take advantage of them. Unfortunately, the luck of the draw will not always fall in their favor despite how much control they possess. Sometimes we have to give up the mindset of being in control of our lives to reap greater benefits.

When one is challenged with a problem, they may exert their energy for months or years; then that one may finally release the problem by learning to accept that if it is in God’s hand. Still, one must cultivate the inner self to find ways to solve his or her problems. Seldom do humans get the answer they are looking for. Maybe there is something better in store for you.

I hope that by this time you have discovered the how to and whys in your own life. We must take the initial step by recognizing our freedom and limits. We must understand our life in order to reach the healthy self and improve our relationships. You must then be willing to turn away from the control and bondage in your life and in the lives of others. No one should ever attempt to take control of another’s life. Worrying about control will eventually put a dent on your spirituality, emotional and physical health.

Recent studies show that many people struggle with relaxation because they are too busy trying to control everything around them, but themselves. Studies show that men find it difficult to love a domineering, uptight wife. Women also find it difficult to love their husband when he is unresponsive and distant. It is often damaging to women’s emotional, mental and physical health when relationships or situations is put solely on their shoulders. It is hard to find happiness, let alone the healthy self in this situation.

Women are believed to be in control, whether they are at home or work. Women tend to harbor a despising attitude toward men. Having a leadership role just adds stress to one’s life. Stress knowingly has affected the inner spirits of a human being. When an entity suffers internally and externally, it throws them off balance.

As women become more visible in positions traditionally held by men, men are becoming more and more passive. This is a problem blamed on male passive behavior and overbearing women on the pressure of modern life. The issues have presented ice age problems.


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