Home Automation Networking through Home Electronic System

The international standard, although relatively slow, has a large participation in the trade of ideas between developers of home automation around the world. The application models specifications promotes the interoperability of the products. This is considered worthwhile then focusing on the latest protocols.

There are reports written to lead energy utility corporations to develop new consumer services which utilize networks for home automation. This led to the development of home automation networking international standard called as HES (Home Electronic System). Just recently, this material has been updated and reflects its progressive results.

The HES primary goal is to identify software and hardware so that manufacturers can offer one product version which could operate on a wide range of networks for home automation. There are several HES components needed to accomplish this objective.

– Universal Interface. This interface module is integrated in the appliances to allow communication over different networks of home automation. The HES primary goal is to establish communication between appliances on any communication network of home automation. UI or universal interface is incorporated to the appliances including the standard data plug. The standard language application is likewise developed to all messages and commands of the appliances.


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Each connection points on the network contains NAU (Network Access Unit) which convert the appliances messages and data signals to a specific communication protocol of home automation. HES identify the protocol of communications between the NAU and the IU.

– Command Language. The language utilized by appliances to communicate with each other regardless of the network where messages are being carried. The HES language accommodates the commands of the networks. However the interposing of NAU-IU link among appliances and network mediums cannot optimize the operation of the home automation system but it reduces costs when sold in a large market.

– HomeGate. This residential gateway links control networks at home to the external networks of service providers. The primary function of the gateway is to translate protocols among WAN (wide area network) and LAN (local area network). This contains features of a firewall limiting messages which can flow inside and outside the house.

The working group on HES is also licensed for investigating network applications on communications, control, and command in mixed-use and commercial buildings. Apartment houses having offices and retail shops belong to the mixed-use buildings category.

The subsystems and appliances designers makes the decisions concerning variables and functions which can be accessed from other gadgets within the networks of home automation. In engineering language, these are options concerning controllability and observability. There must be a consistency in these decisions so that the devices can successfully interoperate. The application model explains the device engineering aspects which can be written, executed, or read through the networks. This model is important to convey information to the product’s manufacturers which will be connected by a network for home automation purposes.

Major protocol never includes the subsystem model’s complete application within its specifications. Checking of objects which comprise an application can infer a model. The selection of methods, variables, and objects are patterned on how the communication interface designers understand the device. This information needs to be completely described in the application model. Otherwise, the manufacturers can misinterpret details on operation of the device since they don’t have staff or network experts having familiarity with the models of communications.

There are safety standards provided by IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) for various devices when they operate individually. The ACOS main concern is that interaction between products via home control networks obtain the safety requirements harmonization. Functional safety is defined by the IEC as the home control system’s capability to execute actions essential for maintaining and achieving desired levels of safety within normal situations and emergency cases.


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This is a PLR article. We recommend to re write the article before re use it.

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