Home Automation Manufac and Relay Boards

The manufacturing industry is one of the biggest profit-earners in the world. This usually depends on the product that is manufactured, but since it is a big business, almost all manufacturing firms are earning quite well.

One of the leading companies involved in the manufacturing sector are those under home automation. Home automation is gaining more acceptances both in the residential and commercial sectors. The people are now realizing the importance and benefits that it can give.

Home automation can make our lives comfortable, safer, and more convenient. Sometimes, your every day life can be so boring. Doing your everyday chores and other routine activities can be done automatically if you integrate home automation into your present home systems. Home automation can change the phase of your lighting, security, HVAC, and other systems in your household.

The residential and commercial sector can use relay boards for HA systems. Relay boards contain input/output terminals and controls voltage supply to different devices. If you want a real time and independently programmable control, it’s time to have a relay board. But make sure that you choose one that is suited for home use.

The relay board is just one of the many products manufactured for automation. It allows applications in meeting exact switching requirements. Relay boards are used to control motors, lights, and other home electronic devices. Aside from that, they can also be used to control power switching and heater temperatures.

You can use relay boards (X10) to control some of your devices at home, but only those that have low voltage. Most people have hardwired outputs for their home automation systems. There are times when it’s already difficult to run wires from the central panel down to the systems having low voltage; or some of your X10 wireless controllers can’t be used to control devices with low voltage. But if you have a relay board, these things will be possible.

Relay boards specifically designed for your X10 can control 4 + 16 remote devices via your X10. You can expect a single relay board to function like a dry contact universal module and if you want, you can have multiple boards.

It’s very easy to do. You just plug in your power supply together with an X10TW523 interface to have an X10 direct control on your low voltage remote devices. The devices can be wired normally because each relay board is 2aDPDT.

The relay boards can be controlled using your X10 commands for on and off. By configuring you relay board you can do your momentary operation in activating a second for each X10 command. When you buy a relay board, you will be the one to choose the mode.

Today’s latest firmware feature is noise rejection to avoid relay behavior and noise. The new boards support all commands of X10 and most HA controllers have this feature. This new feature of relay boards can reduce X10 traffic at home, as well as the complexity of the home automation controller program. As you send the X10 commands, the relay boards can be turned on/off together.

You don’t have to worry about the cost because the relay boards are cost-effective and is the best solution for control of low voltage devices. As compared to other products, relay boards are very functional and flexible. Your wires can be kept orderly if you have relay boards and you can also mount them in enclosures.

Proper selection of your relay board is important because this will determine the application requirements like dimensions, number of channels, and output range.


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