Home Automation and GE Products for Excellent Lighting and Security

There are many factors that can affect a person’s mood, health, and capability to perform any task. One of these factors is lighting. Many people are now realizing the importance of using proper lighting. If you have a well lit home, you can overcome any complex situation because of the positive atmosphere that the light creates; you are able to think properly and can make informed decisions in no time. But not all homeowners have realized this need yet.

Typical households use 60 watt incandescent light bulbs. These light bulbs can light your rooms well. About twenty percent of your electrical bills come from your light consumption but the present lighting system that you have is not even sufficient both for lighting and heating. Some households also use a halogen bulb which uses more power and produce more heat than light.

Because of today’s new technology, and home automation, many manufacturers of lighting systems were able to create light bulbs at lower cost that provides high light percentage. GE is one of the leading suppliers of lighting systems all over the world. It’s name is well-known for providing high quality products that brings comfort and convenience to many homes around the globe.

GE technology now offers cautiously selected and carefully thought-out lighting systems that can bring life into your homes. It will brighten your home, and provide warmth and comfort for the entire family to enjoy. There are lots of ways to use GE lighting to suit everyone’s lifestyle.


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GE lighting technology offers incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs, compact and linear fluorescent, and the new GE enrich bulbs. These bulbs are especially designed to fit different rooms in your house.

Let’s start with the living room. This is the most occupied room in the house and therefore, the lights in your living room should be able to assist different activities, create the perfect ambiance, and bring out all the good features of the room. You can use GE’s Halogen linear bulbs to provide a relaxing atmosphere because it project beams of light to your ceiling thereby bringing out your room’s color. You can add other lighting touches with your lampshades and you can use GE’s Enrich, Halo GLS, Softlight, Enrich Reflectors, and Biax Extra Mini.

The dining room should have the proper atmosphere to create a pleasurable mood for family members and guests during meals. Sometimes, homeowners organize dinner parties, so make sure that your lighting system can create a romantic and relaxing mood for the party. If you want to create an ambiance, use GE’s Decor Candle, Candle, or the Biax Extra Mini. You can also put a switch for dimmers for a more intimate and friendly atmosphere.

The functionality of your bathroom, as well as safety, should not be overlooked. Electricity and water is a lethal combination, so extra caution should be observed. But you should not forget about the ambiance and use GE Halogen Relector for directional lighting and adjustable spotlights. This bulb creates a delicate and discreet effect that does not dominate the bathroom. You can also use Halogen Mirrors if you have false ceilings.

For your master’s bedroom, only one rule is observed and that is absolute relaxation. Use GE Incandescent Softlight for your lampshades to bring out a romantic mood. If you have a habit of reading in your bed, you can use GE Crown Silver Reflector. Aside from that, you can use the Halo GLS or the Halo Candle for your dresser so that when you dress yourself or when applying your make-up you will have good lighting. You can also try GE’s Energy Saving bulbs.

By integrating home automation into your GE lighting systems, you can have a more convenient and comfortable home.


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This is a PLR article. We recommend to re write the article before re use it.

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