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Fun fall crafts for my work office – Free PLR Article

Look, offices are where we spend a majority of our time (hopefully aside from weekends?), and so they need to be festive, but functional places for us to work. So, I know you would like to keep it organized, but a nice candle scented with scents of the season: apple cider, warm vanilla, cookies. It is the season to get cozy.
The other thing you can do is eliminate clutter by using the shelves with simple decorations. A small pumpkin would do enough. A home-made garland for your view out of the desk is fun too.
Remember, though, you need to design your office based on location. According to, “Location, location, location. You’ll likely spend many hours in your home office, so don’t stiff yourself on space (e.g. squishing a tiny desk into a windowless closet to preserve the rarely-used guest room). Also consider traffic flow and your ability to withstand distractions. Do you work best in the thick of activity, or should your office be tucked away in a quiet space? If clients will be stopping by, a private space with ample seating is a must.”
Next, and this goes with decorations, too, “Don’t sacrifice form for function. Your desk, shelves, and storage should serve you, not the other way around. Consider your workflow and what items you need at your fingertips before investing in furniture, and then look for pieces that are both beautiful and functional. Home office furniture should complement other rooms in your house instead of screaming “soulless cubicle.” If your home has traditional décor, warm wood and soft, comfy chairs or a loveseat are ideal if you have the space. A contemporary home office can feature artistic pieces or modern metal furniture.” If your decorations are getting in the way of your work, move them to a shelf or put them in another room. Some decoration is just plain distracting. So, put it somewhere else. You want to be productive in your office. Furthermore, you want to be taken seriously. If you are chatting on Skype during a meeting and there are balloons behind you, you do not look so serious.
If you really want to get festive, you can paint the walls a festive color. “Paint the walls a color you love. Forget “office beige”: you need a color that gets your work motor humming. For some people, that’s a bright, cheery color like orange or lime green. Others need a calming shade like botanical green or sea foam blue to perform. Find out more about how certain colors can affect your mood.” An orange office to match your pumpkins outside is adorable and cozy. It is perfect. Play with colors and try to make the room stand out, without being too overwhelming and upsetting for your eyes (sometimes, bright colors can be too much of an overkill for your workspace. So, aim for a middle ground between being too bold or too boring. You can make the room festive without looking overly done.


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