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Thanksgiving is a holiday that we celebrate just like any other, so making free Thanksgiving cards and crafts should be part of your holiday routine. There are many craft ideas available to you to help commemorate Thanksgiving. Do a quick Google search for “free Thanksgiving cards and crafts” and you will find many web sites that will give you ideas for crafts and cards to make that will make your home look festive for the occasion. Here are a couple free Thanksgiving cards and crafts ideas that we found.

We don’t usually think of sending Thanksgiving cards like we do Christmas card, but when we can’t be with loved ones at Thanksgiving, we should let them know we are thinking of them! You can make a cute Thanksgiving card with some construction paper and some green leaves by doing leaf rubbings or leaf prints. We recommend you use heavy paper – either card stock or poster board. There are two ways to use leaves to decorate a Thanksgiving card.

First, you can take a regular piece of paper and fold it in half. Place a leaf inside the folded paper and use colored pencils or crayons to rub over the leaf thus showing the print. Then, cut out the image and paste it to the front of your card. You can also use some poster paint to paint the veined side of the leaf. To make it unique, use different colors in the leaf. Very carefully, lift up the leaf and place the paint side down on the front of the card. Press down so that the paint is transferred and then lift the leaf straight up so the paint does not smear. After the paint is dry, decorate the card and write what you want to say on the inside!

Another free Thanksgiving cards and crafts idea we like is to make stained glass turkeys. Start by painting a regular paper plate brown. While the paint is drying, use different colored construction paper to cut out large feathers. These can be as detailed as you want them to be, but we recommend making them simple by just drawing an elongated oval. Make about six of these feathers and then cut out the inside about an inch from the edge.

With a glue stick, apply glue to the outside edges and place a piece of tissue paper or colored cellophane over and press to stick. Trim around the edges. Then glue the feathers to the paper plate and draw on a turkey face or use construction paper scraps to make a face, feet, and legs. These look great hanging in a window where the sun can shine through the feathers.

Look around the Internet for more great free Thanksgiving cards and crafts. Then craft away for a festive holiday!


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