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We have been lucky enough to be able to find a plethora of free ideas for Thanksgiving crafts for preschoolers since this author has a preschool age grandson and we are always looking for ways to get him involved in creative arts. I found most of my ideas on the Internet, and you can do the same thing.

This writer has stock piled tons of great crafts that are free ideas for Thanksgiving crafts for preschoolers. Here are a couple we like a lot because they are easy and fun!

Make a stained glass turkey with just a few supplies. Take a regular paper plate (not the Styrofoam kind) and have your toddler paint it brown with craft paint and a paint brush. Be sure to cover your work area with newspaper so that nothing gets painted on. Then cut out about six elongated ovals from construction paper for feathers. About an inch from the outside of the edge cut out the center of the feather. If your preschooler is able to cut, let them do this. It will give them a great sense of control!

After all the feathers have been cut, apply glue to the feathers and lay either tissue paper or cellophane on top. Press to stick and then trim around the edges. Glue the feathers to the paper plate and let dry.


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Draw a face on your turkey or use bits of construction paper if you like to make the face. Don’t forget to make legs and feet! This turkey craft looks especially great when you hang it on a window so the sun can shine through the tissue paper or cellophane.

Another one of the free ideas for Thanksgiving crafts for preschoolers we found was another turkey craft. Take some brown construction paper and trace around your child’s foot. Do not trace the individual toes. Then, take pieces of orange, yellow, and red construction paper and trace around your child’s hand with the fingers slightly spread apart. Cut two of each color.

The heel of the foot print will be the head of your turkey. The hands will be the feathers. Arrange the hand prints in the back of the foot print and then glue into place. You can either have your child draw on a face or cut pieces for the face out of construction paper. Take two strips of the brown construction paper and fold accordion style for legs and then cut feet out of the yellow. Glue onto the body and you are done!

There are lots more free ideas for Thanksgiving crafts for preschoolers online, but these two should be able to get you started. You can find many different ideas when you take the time to look. Then have fun crafting with your preschooler!


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