Doing It The Right Way: Single Parents In Harrisburg PA

Sydney Styles was an incoming college senior living in Harrisburg PA when she applied to become an intern in a local publishing group specializing in kiddie magazines. The flexible environment of the company encourage her to work hard despite only being an intern, as she hoped her bosses will be impressed and possibly consider her for a permanent position once she gets out of college.

While in her third week in the company, she met Rob who worked at the stacking department. Rob was a happy-go-lucky type of person that only dreamt of becoming the supervisor of the division. After a company party Sydney was too tired to driver her car due to having too many drinks. Rob volunteered to drive her home and Sydney obliged. Intoxication and slight physical attraction came into play and they eventually made the rest of the night more interesting.

Sydney finished her practicum work after a few weeks but during this period she also discovered that this might have also marked a new start in her life. While working in the machine shop, Rob was critically hurt in an accident. Rob lapsed into a coma in the ensuing days and eventually died, as he developed a major staph infection that triggered a deadly infection.

Sydney never knew what happened to Rob, as she went back to Harrisburg PA. Sydney realized one morning that the “one night stand” happened not only resulted to a good time but also unwanted pregnancy.

Sydney was forced to stop schooling despite the fact that she only needed to complete a few more semesters. Sydney realized the fate of many college kids in the US, as she became a single parent at the age 19.

Statistics in the last two decades show that the number of single parents has sharply increased. One of the main drivers of the increase is that society has drastically changed over the past years.

A person’s attitude to certain situation and how he copes with life changing incidents have become less and less rational. Sydney was unprepared to cope with reality of being a single parent, as she decided to drop out.

Losing a partner in life is very problematic for a single parent. Those living in Harrisburg PA have shows strong self esteem given that they live in the state’s capital. Government support is also an option, as it provided financial assistance to single parents that are struggling to cope with everyday expenses.

Being a single parent in Harrisburg PA or in any community is not an impossible task. Here are some tips to help you cope with the situation and eventually move on with life.

1) Gradual decreasing of tension- before becoming a single parent, tension is evident and felt by the parents and children. Normally, both parents do not understand the feelings of the child.

When a certain situation is explained to a kid, this can result in a feeling of understanding strengthen ties between child and parent. This practice can help the child adjust with the situation, and slowly but surely alleviate tension towards the child’s parents, and to other people.

2) Increased time- Tension is normally felt during the time parents discuss divorce. Children and the parent normally feel tension from screaming and not talking to each other.

Being a single parent gives more time to solve the needs of children, and open communication lines between the two. Planning outings and bonding activities should be given a premium. More time would result in a more conducive family atmosphere.

3) Unique experience for the child – Since the child now travels between two separate parents, the child can broaden his perception on how life should be approached . The child is more receptive and aware to what goes around his/her life, and accepts that the world does not owe him anything.

4) Decision making responsibilities – Children can do an active role in the decision making process of single parents. Single parents need additional input especially in making major decisions.

5) A sense of accomplishment – When a child is assigned with small tasks, a sense of accomplishment is normally felt. Since additional responsibilities have been given, a feeling of openness is added. This is due to the fact that a goal has been achieved to assist in the household. This makes the child feel that he is an integral member of the household.


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