Defining Love

Love is something that is abstract but heartfelt as an emotion. It is expressed according to how we view the idea of it. Regardless of who we are and where we are in the universe love comes down to a deep feeling of affection that one person has for another. There are different types of love in expressing that affection. People express love by giving and receiving it in different ways. Love can be between friends, platonic, romantic, sexual, humanitarian, religious to name a few types of this emotion as it is manifested.

One thing that is interesting is that love also can create attachments between people. Just like there are different types of love there can be different types of attachments. You can have a mother and child attachment or a romantic attachment for starters. We can also love things. For instance a person can love eating chocolate. However one’s love for a thing and attachment to it is different than the love one feels for a human being or even a pet. Love that is considered impersonal falls under the category of loving an object, principal or goal. Interpersonal love refers to loving a living thing such as a person or pet.

Interpersonal love is the type of love that occurs between human beings. It is a more intense feeling than just two people “liking” each other. It implies a relationship between two people as well. Most of the time when we speak of love its usually on a romantic level between a man and a woman. Love means different things to different people. How people love is based on where they are emotionally in their life.

When you have love for someone you want the best for them. Two people who have love for one another want to naturally be there for each other. They help each other unconditionally when there is a problem.

The ancient Greeks classified the feeling of love into 4 specific categories. They are:

1. Agape Love -Agape love is what we call unconditional love. This is love by choice. You choose to be with the person because of the love you have for them. You also stay even when the person does something you don’t like or consider wrong. An example of agape love is loving someone despite their faults.

2. Phila Love-Is non passionate and virtuous love. This is not romantic love by any means. This type of love is guided by one’s sense of morality. This is love of mankind for example.

3. Storge-This is the love one has for their family and the showing of physical affection. This is the part of love embracing the idea that humans need touch. It also hits on the idea of exceptional friendships.

4. Eros-this is the physical and sexual side of love like intercourse. It is the root word of Erotic.

Love is much more complex than the 4 categories above. These are just general classifications for the types of love people feel based on the different relationships they have in their lives.


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