The Cypress point club is one of the few revered golf courses. This course was built in 1928 and since then, it has been occupying one of the top three listings for the best golf courses in many journals and publications. This club hosted many pro matches in the past and is always in an upper echelon in the history of golf, according to many professional players.
It is a very exclusive club and thus, only members can play in it.

The total operating cost of the course is divided among the players and thus, there is no definite membership fee. No matter how many plays they had in the course, the members should pay the fee. The club is so exclusive that J F Kennedy was refused admission once.

The Cypress point club is present in the Santa Lucia Mountain’s foothills. One can use any kind of superlatives and adjectives to describe the beauty of this terrain. A new member is added to the club only when an old member dies or leaves the club. About 30 players play on the course on an average, every day. This makes it, a private course, with many celebrities in the member’s list. The difficulty level of the course changes with the weather condition.

The course has an aesthetic beauty appearance. It is bordered by open seaside, filled with array of hills and sandy dunes. The old discarded golf bags hang from the branches in the towering Cypress tree just behind the pro shop. It is no wonder that the Cypress point club is considered to be the most beautiful, greatest and one of the most comfortable golf course in the world.
The range finders are not permitted in the club and the caddies will accompany all the players.


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The course has irregular borders and large bunkers. It has a modest club house with numerous golf treasures on the walls. The membership policies are private and not known to the public. There are many folktales regarding how the members are selected but the reality is not known to the public and the media. It is said that if you are the best in golf, you will receive the invitation. The club does not change its membership policy, no matter who wants to join.

Pros and cons
a) The course provides the players with fun but difficult games
b) It has year around golf season
c) Availability of rental clubs and driving range
d) Cypress point club is famous for its best holes
e) It is a stuffy and ultra high class club
f) The course bordered by the ocean gives a striking appearance for the club.

a) It is not open to public
b) It is one of the most expensive courses in the world
c) Members have to pay even if they do not play in the course at all.
It is known as the best, the golf world can see. The course has aesthetic beauty, varying difficulty levels, private set of members, excellent course maintenance and wonderful game experience. If you are ready to spend a little more for a great game, then Cypress point club is the best choice.


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