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Golf clothes should be light and comfortable to allow freedom to move whilst playing. You should choose golf clothes that look good, because if you look good you feel good and feeling good increases your confidence.

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When choosing what to wear when going to play golf you should take into account the dress code of the golf club you’ll be playing at, the weather conditions and your own personal comfort. Golf clothes should be light and comfortable to allow freedom to move whilst playing. You should choose golf clothes that look good, because if you look good you feel good and feeling good increases your confidence.

Cutter and Buck have been manufacturing practical and comfortable golf clothing for nearly 20 years and Golf Buy It Online have a fantastic range of Cutter and Buck Golf Clothes. One common rule for golfers is that they must wear a collared shirt. You’ll be able to find Cutter and Buck collard polo shirts, Cutter and Buck sweaters and Cutter and Buck knitwear at some of the best prices around.

You should wear golf clothing you feel comfortable in. You’re going to be out there playing golf for two and a half to five hours, bending and twisting your body so golf clothing that is not too constricting is advised. Similarly you will not want your golf clothes to be too loose either as you may catch your club on your shirt sleeve.

Cutter and Buck produce collared polo shirts in the widest range of colours around such as Cutter & Buck Organic Range Pennant Pink Pique Shirt, Cutter & Buck Organic Range Pennant Orange Pique Shirt, Cutter & Buck Organic Range Pennant Green Pique Shirt and Cutter & Buck Organic Range Pennant Light Blue Pique Shirt as well as many others, so you’ll be able to find a polo shirt that suits you as well as adhering to the rules of the club house.

With over 30 years in golf retail you’ll be able to get the best advice on any golfing query from golf shirts to golf shoes and drivers to putters.


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