Attraction and Love

Attraction is a chemical occurrence that happens in the brain to stimulus. Attraction is associated with our sights and the effect it creates in the brain as a result. If we are attracted to a love interest that first attraction we feel; releases a chemical called Phenyl Ethylamine or PEA. This is our brains natural amphetamine. It gives us a high or rush like the drug amphetamine. PEA is the chemical that drives us to have more energy both physically and emotionally when we are attracted to another person.

When two people are attracted to each other they both experience the PEA rush. This is where we hear about people being “dizzy in love” or “weak in the knees”. This is all because of the chemical interaction in our brains and bodies that occurs upon what we find someone attractive. Along with PEA is another chemical Dopamine which is also released. The combination of these two chemicals gives us the feeling of wanting to be close to the person we are attracted to. They make us immediately feel a desire to be intimately close to the person as well.

These two drugs when secreted in large doses send messages to other parts of the body. Sometimes the signals get crossed and the attraction is not mutual. We may even be attracted momentarily to someone only to find out upon a second glance our feelings change completely towards them. With a second look we are no longer attracted. An example would be an attraction to someone until you actually speak to them and then the attraction ends. There are however other cases where the attraction between two people is so strong a relationship ensues upon the initial attraction. It is the initial chemical response that two people share simultaneously that creates an attraction that sets the tone for actual love.

When two people are attracted to each other secondary hormones; estrogen and testosterone are also released. This gives the two people the mating urge which is innate in human physiology. Interesting enough when these chemicals are released they remain in the body for up to two months. This signals the other person that they are attracted to them.

Each stage in the development of an “in love” relationship has chemicals that are triggered as part of the process. As the relationship ensues; if the attraction is mutual other chemicals are stimulated in the brain based on the various stages of love. Out of an initial mutual attraction subconsciously the brain secretes chemicals that are stimulated throughout the body as the relationship progresses. The body does this all in the effort of getting a commitment to mate from the other person.


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