All About SPARK ( Single Parents Raising Kids)

Single Parents Raising Kids or more popularly known as SPARK is an organization of single parents based in the Montgomery County in the United States state of Maryland. SPARK also covers other single parents in the surrounding areas.

SPARK as an organization of single parents was instituted and formed in 1987. The founders were nine single parents who have successfully coped p with life being single parents. The nine SPARK founders initially aimed to make SPARK an organization or venue in helping numerous single parents to cope up and deal with stressful single parenting issues.

SPARK as an organization

Like most other organizations, non-government organizations that is, Single Parents Rising Kids or SPARK has a self-imposed mission of building a community characterized by interaction among local single parents.

SPARK aims to help single parents in Maryland provide a support group system to strengthen each other and be able to share experiences and insights on related experiences to make each other learn from experiences and mistakes.

SPARK purposely aims to attain its mission statement by instilling active participation among its members and planning and presenting a program of family that is balanced. The organization also aims to give out social and educational programs to each of its members.

As an active organization, SPARK comes out with a monthly calendar of events that can help its members interact comfortably though informal and friendly gatherings.

To do such, SPARK once in a while organizes concerts, movie premieres, pot-luck dinners and other activities that would help members appreciate and interact with each other in the most comfortable and conducive means.

The headquarters of SPARK is located at SPARK Incorporated, PO ox 288, Rockville, Maryland 20848.

SPARK membership

It should be noted that SPARK, being a non government organization, is also and mostly, to be emphasized clearly, not a for-profit organization. That means SPARK exists mainly because of its advocacy roles and commitments and not because of any other causes.

The organization, being a social interaction group, is not intended to generate income or revenues to its founders and leaders. Instead, the compensation SPARK gets is the great feeling it attains if it effectively provides support and wisdom or insights to its members, which are all single parents.

SPARK is a volunteer-organization that is run and managed by volunteers. Solicitations and contributions that make SPARK running and existing are generated through the voluntary contribution and offer of single parent members.

SPARK is open to all single parents in Maryland and the adjoining states whose child or children are below or under eighteen years. The child or children may be with or without custody.

Purpose of SPARK

Single Parents Raising Kids is an organization whose purpose include giving members great and bright ideas to resolve emotional, social and financial problems arising from single parenthood. Thus, SPARK principally aims to provide single parents the opportunity to:

• Participate in wholesome but fun activities with other single parents.

• Learn more and generate more knowledge about single parenthood.

• Share insights on experiences that could be beneficial other single parents.

Insights on SPARK

The modern generation of single parents are somehow very much more fortunate than their counterparts in the past generations. Gone were the days when single parents are ostracized and looked down by the society due to the stigma and social burden incurred from a failing marriage or pregnancy out of wedlock.

Te single parents of today are really lucky to be able to enjoy most stuff and support groups that help them out carry the burdensome role of having to raise a child or children solely amid all the odds.

SPARK is one organization that could have helped many a single parent in the decades and centuries that have passed. However, it is better late than never. Thank God, single parents now have to get support from SPARK

Now wish that SPARK expand from Maryland to the rest of the world.


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