11 – How to Utilize Web Directory Sites to Boost Traffic to Your Site

You put out the cyber welcome mat and state your website prepared for action. Rather of sitting and watching the users trample over one another to get to your website, you see little to no traffic.


Don’t worry! This is something every web designer goes through and is to be expected. (Well, web designers in the late 90’s expected to launch their website and be millionaires the next early morning, but times have changed given that those fantastic days!).


However there are some quick and easy things you can do to begin constructing your ‘link network,’ which will eventually assist drive traffic to your site.


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Because the Web’s conception, the notion has been that websites connect to one another, while web surfers click from place to location. Therefore, the challenge starts: Get your website connected to as numerous others as possible.


You can start calling other websites providing to trade links (but be prepared to invest a great deal of time); you can purchase links (but be prepared to fork out some cash); you can join link-trading programs (however be prepared to get a great deal of irrelevant websites connecting to you); or you can begin sending your website to web directory sites.


What Is A Web Directory?
A web directory site is a collection of sites organized by classification or topic. In addition, a web directory site editor will likely have to authorize your site, lending it at a particular degree of trustworthiness.


A Web Directory Site Listing Assists With SEO.


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If you have a site, you certainly understand the significance of ranking well in Google and other major search engines.

These online search engine count links from other websites as choose your website, which assists determine your ranking, or position in the search engine result.


There are a lot of other parts of the algorithm and this short description does not do it justice. However, it serves the point that connects enhance your ranking, which’s something every site owner requires to know.


A link in a directory that is spidered by Google (and a lot are) will count as a vote for your website.

This improves your ranking, and yet again helps drive traffic to your site. It’s important to note that not all directory sites assist with SEO.


Often, a web directory site will connect to your site through a special URL that is frequently a programming CGI script.

If the URL is not a direct link to your website, then the online search engine do not count it as a vote. It’s best to select directory sites that provide a direct one-way link to your site. (In this manner, you get more bang for your buck: traffic from the directory and improved search engine ranking.).


Significance Matters.
If you trade links with random sites, then you are in theory building your ‘link network,’ however you are compromising the quality of that network.



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Web searchers who are searching for information on a particular topic frequently utilize resources that link to a range of sites connected to what they look for. This makes web directories the perfect destination.


Because directory sites are classified by topics, an individual can show up in the directory and have one-click access to a variety of resources.

You definitely want to be among those resources! Plus, when the other search engines pick up your link, it will count for more considering that it is surrounded by pertinent content, which is more than likely filled with your important keywords.


And if you utilize web directory sites as your lorry, you are essentially paving more courses to your site. Several good submissions in popular directories will assist get you rolling.


Best of luck and delighted submitting!


A web directory site is a compilation of websites arranged by category or subject. A link in a directory site that is spidered by Google (and a lot are) will count as a vote for your website.

In some cases, a web directory will connect to your site through a special URL that is often a shows CGI script. It’s finest to select directories that provide a direct one-way link to your site.


And if you use web directories as your automobile, you are essentially paving more courses to your website.



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