11 – How To Utilize VIRAL Traffic Exchanges To Produce Your Own AUTO-PILOT Lead Generation System

Lead Generation is probably AMONG the most essential and most important parts of ANY organisation, whether its Online or Offline, since these leads are what comprise the foundation of your company and what will keep you in service for years to come.

The more leads you are able to produce through your online marketing efforts, the more people( or consumers) you need to send your ‘Sales Uses’ to on whatever schedule you pick.

Online Marketers like call this practice … “Opt-In List Structure”.

I make sure you’ve probably heard the tag line, “The Money Remains In The List”, at least once or twice while surfing the net.

Well, there. And the BIGGER you build it, the better.


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Now, your most likely wondering what the heck do VIRAL Traffic Exchanges have to do with Lead Generation.

The answer is rather simple actually.

VIRAL Traffic Exchanges are website traffic producers that send your website targeted traffic when you browse using their program, and all of us know that in order to generate leads and develop an Opt-In List of any size, we need Targeted Traffic.

Those are the * indisputable * Facts!

And the real cool thing about VIRAL Traffic Exchanges is the more individuals you refer through your Individual Referral Link that you get when you sign up, the more traffic you’ll get without ever having to lift a finger due to the fact that the people you referred are the ones who are going to produce all that FREE targeted traffic for you when they surf using the VIRAL Traffic Exchange they registered under you for.

The BIGGER the down line you develop, the more Targeted site traffic you’ll get.

Are you with me?


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Obviously, you do have the option to buy credits if you like, but why, when all you truly need to do is start referring others through your personal Recommendation Link and have them make the credits for you.

But, that’s truly as much as you.

Now, with that stated, this is where it gets exciting due to the fact that if you have your Name Squeeze Pages( if you don’t understand what a Name Squeeze Page is I’ll explain in a moment) plugged in to your favorite VIRAL Traffic Exchange under the classification that targets your market and you handled to build your team to where your referrals are generating you a good amount of credits( traffic) or you simply purchased some credits to begin, all you have to do is relax and view your Lead Generation System or Opt-In List grow by itself.

As far as your Opt-In Lists development, it actually depends upon how much traffic your generating, and most importantly, on how well your Call Squeeze Page converts those visitors into Leads, which is where you should EVALUATE and TWEAK.

My recommendation is to put up TWO entirely different Call Squeeze Pages and see which one converts the BEST, then use that a person for all other promotions.

Now for those of you who are not stop sure what a Name Squeeze Page is, here’s a quick definition:

Its simply a single webpage with a Special Offer like, for example: a Free Report, eBook, eCourse or Newsletter; that has an Opt-In form where your possible lead enters their Name and e-mail Address.

That’s it. Absolutely nothing fancy.


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